Holiday Must Haves!!! Boys Edition!

If I'm not mistaken I have missed a day of my holiday countdown and im sorry I get caught up in certain activities. Now lets get down to business , Boys Edition is for my two little dudes in my life my brothers. One is nine years old , while the other is 14 years old and going to be a spohmore in high school. These two have gotten me through tough times , and make me laugh I am the only girl in my family. I have two other siblings other than these two but I did not grow up knowing them , but now I am aware of it. So now to the gifts!
Please keep in mind my boys are different from a lot of kids , and these are only suggestions.

Mentioned these in my guys edition , and the same goes for boys. They are growing up and things are happening and there is no denying it. My buddies love Axe , and even the 10 year old who hasn't started smelling. He loves this stuff, now the 14 year old is going on with changes in his body. A Gift like this is needed. I have memories of my little buddy being younger and spraying himself down with this stuff. None the less it is a great gift for those kids who need preparation of growing up or they are already going there.

Kindle Fire HD , this is a movie player, a book reader , a game player or rather app all in one. My brothers own one and use it , the 14 yr old uses to play games and read books he also uses it to listen to the music that he downloads. Another feature is pretty awesome is kindle free play . I believe that the app regulates kid handling providing safety and  protection while your child is on the kindle. My little buddy loves the kindle to play music and play games. Another great feature that can be bought for the kindle is prime from amazon with a strong net connection you are able to stream movies and t.v shows. Now you can also play music , and read books from a wide array of prime members library. You can sign up for a free 30 day trial. with the link provided. 

  Another great , gift idea that both of my buddies enjoy and most kids enjoy is the freedom to chose what they want. Gift Cards like pictured , from gamestop or my buddies personal favorite , Barnes and Noble are great for those kids who love to have the freedom to shop. I know my boys love to go shopping to their favorite stores with cash in hand to get the things that they want . This is also a wonderful idea if you live farther away from someone, or dont know what to get them, or you know they just prefer to have a gift card rather than money.
Another personal favorite is books! Me and my brothers grew up in the library and we love a good book or a novel. One of my favorite series , that most boys may love is the Alex Rider series, a normal boy whos life has changed . Hes just a normal boy who wants to finish school when his uncle his only living guardian is killed . He learns that things are not as they seem and he is thrown into a world of spies and mystery . I personally love these books and they are , actions scene after scene these are kid friendly , with the caution that there is some death. But it is not taken entirely into detail.
 Another Great series is the Percy Jackson series these are based on the Greek gods of Olympus who have had kids with normal humans. Every year these Demi gods head off to summer camp. In order to prepare them when they are needed. Percy is a normal kid or so he thinks when he learns that he the son of Poseidon God of the sea. Soon the adventures began! , the littlest buddy loves these books to the point that he has re-read them over and over and is finishing the newest series that is sort of a continuing series of different characters but the same theme. These are awesome, and great books to get kids interested in history. I greatly recommend these books , very little cases that these books have stuff you worry about your kids wondering about what is in the book.

 Boys will be boys and they love toys, my last  gift idea is remote control cars and animals or rather dinos. These  toys range in price and there is wide array of things to chose from. When it comes down to it , its your choice but my guys prefer anything they are so grateful for anything!  


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