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Gurin Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser Review ~ And Thoughts

( I received this product for free on behalf of the company for my honest reviews and thoughts on the product my views and thoughts are of my own) I was very excited to receive this product when I had a chance to review the last one. So on a very cold snowy day I finally got it in the mail . The set up is very simple and comes with everything , that you need a starter kit of sorts.
Aromatherapy has been around for ages , over 6,000 years according to the net. I did some research to find out some fun facts about the practice and this is what I found according to .
Fact One: Aromatherapy has been used for over 6000 years, first by the Chinese who used to burn special herbs to encourage harmony and well-being. They are believed to have identified over 300 herbs that could offer health benefits when burned.
 Fact Two: The Egyptians regularly used incense, bath oils and massage ointments but are best known for using essential oils during the embalming process. D…

New Year , Old Year, Life of a College Blogger.

I thought I would share a little light its been a good year , my blog has expanded and its wonderful.  I want to share my goals for this upcoming year and semester of college. As many of you might have guessed I am a college student online mostly even though I have lived on campus and lived the dorm life. I've had two wonderful roommates there and 3 more when I shared an apartment. I am another year older as well and somewhat wiser but if you ask anyone they can name some of my most famous blond moments. But that is not the point none the less, I want to finish college and graduate be the first is my family to finish. My mother always wanted to finish school and she has almost gotten there but life got in the way. (she had two more kids before she was able to finish so family came first) None the less , I want to finish , I want to make the deans list at least once. Its the way I was raised not to be just good to be awesome reach the highest level possible. None the less I have h…

Garcinia Cambogia Extract 85 % HCA Complex , And other Products ~

( I received these products for free on behalf of tomson and the company for my honest reviews and thoughts)  I had the pleasure yet again of getting to try out one of the many new diet fads out there, Which is the Garcinia Cambogia Extract, Ive seen this mostly in stores lately now that the holidays are over. So lets get back to the facts shall we? Or rather with the honest truth.  I found this image on my Facebook and this certainly does speak some truth. I mean come on we cant help it. Its the holidays! , the food is plentiful and long lasting. Sweets are also on the table I know that my boyfriends mother bought and made two cheesecakes and I ate several pieces apart from that my stocking was filled overflowing with candy. Which ive ate most of it , there are snacks a plenty at my house , I know the other day I snacked and snacked and snacked . And maybe just maybe gained the weight back that I lost, which is a big huge no no. Anyways , why not start off fresh and enjoy this new yea…

Body Merry Products! Review and Thoughts!

( I received these products for free on behalf of tomson and body merry for my honest reviews and thoughts , the words are my own opinion and thoughts on the products) Another wonderful company, I was grateful to be partnered with and I was also excited to try. I received these products free and clear for my honest reviews and thoughts. What can I say I love these , products they make my skin so smooth and soft and they are perfect for those looking for good skin care products.   The First product, that I want to highlight is , body merry's Cellulite Cream with caffeine and retinol. Body firming lotion anti-cellulite cream when it comes down to it this product works well. I started to see some difference but nothing that noticeable when it comes down to it. But with a weight loss program and the right items I believe solely that this will help out firm the skin that comes with weight loss. The smell is noticeable but when you rub the cream in the smell goes away. Sort of a mixture …

Campbell's Tasters! ~Crowdtap review

( I received these products on behalf of crowdtap for free for my honest reviews and thoughts) I was so excited to be apart of this program , about two months ago I believe , I received a box full of goodies and brand new food to try out and share with you wonderful people. And among other things I tried out the most simplest items. My hubby , took several items with him to try out while he was at work. One of the first items was the slow cooked kettle soup perfect for those on the go.

while I was able to get some photos I was not able to take pictures as the fact was I live a busy life. At the same I can share my thoughts , and what I thought of each and every single product. When it comes down to it things are slowly improving and this soup which comes in various flavors. Is proof of it, when it comes down to it I never thought I loved this kind of soup but trying the chicken soup and warming it up made the house smell so good. I cannot wait to try them again and find coupons for t…

Merry Christmas! And Happy Holidays!

This is late post , since I spent the holidays with My wonderful boyfriends family. Sort of a Christmas update to get back into the swing of things and bring y'all my reviews and my life. I feel like I've abandoned my other blog , but feel like making it over to a college lifestyle blog and strictly making this reviews and other tips. But I am not sure fully at the moment. I had a wonderful Christmas , and it was such a joy to see everyone open their gifts.

 I got a ton of Frozen Disney items , a barbie a beautiful jewelry box and so much more! it was awesome , Even Santa Paws came and visited snickers and Lucy the two resident house kitties here at the casa.

Then in the evening my future mother in law cooked a wonderful meal , and we intended to take family pictures but was not able to . But yet we all got dressed and prettied up to take photos , the men of the house weren't in the mood to take photos and it got late.  Heres me ... makeup and all contacts . 
 the yummy fo…

Instanatural Products

( I received this product on behalf of brand backer and instanatural for free for my honest reviews and thoughts on the product) I was so excited to partner and test out products with instanatural another great skin care company. This time I am highlighting two products from their skincare line among the various products they have. What I love is the fact that they offer a lifetime guaranteed with their products you not happy with them? Then they will refund your money , but why would you want your money back ? these product work and they work wonders.
As a child and then growing up my mother always had the latest skin cream and when I became old enough. She began to stress the importance of a good skin cream and other items to keep skin looking young and fresh. And washing your face almost every day no matter if you were wearing makeup or not. Either way its not hard to see that I was graced with my mothers skin, apart from a few spots me and my mother seldom do not have acne. Either…

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