Zep Clean , and Fresh! Reviews and Thoughts!

(Everything I received on behalf of crowdtap for testing and reviewing processes I got it for free! ) 
I am always curious about cleaning products since I clean the house almost every week . So I was curious when I was chosen for this sampling. But excited as well , when I revived these in the mail I was so ready to clean my house and so I did. The smell is not overpowering , actually smelling them for myself it has a light clean scent . Something that I could get use to , I cleaned my kitchen including my stove which is usually messy and dirty most of the time . The Stove was soon bright and sparkling . Something that I can get use to , I tried to clean my oven but , the grease was soo baked in and piled on I needed more than a small bottle . Then I cleaned my bathroom , with the quick clean . That was so easy and now my bathroom is so clean I wish I had an after photo but I had a computer malfunction that was my fault and I lost my after photo. Either way I have plans to buy more , and bigger bottles to use around the house I definitely recommend these products to any household. I certainly will use them now! ~ 


  1. I love Zep Odor Control - smells great, and got the smell of cat urine out of our basement. I use it for everything now, it disinfects too


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