The Aunchitha Ice Ball Maker

I ordered this ice-ball maker because I was curious about if all the stories that I have heard were true. Does it really keep cold drinks colder longer? and keep the flavor? no dilution? So I decided to order and figure out if this process really worked. I ordered the product with a complimentary code , and waited I received it a few days later. I followed the instructions and put it in the freezer and waited until the ice was frozen.
 here it is there is two trays one goes on top of the other and keeps the shape .  You fill to the line in the first tray and then fill up the rest ,  Access water spills out and collects as you can see. 
 Here is what they look like done , and if directions are perfect and done right you will get perfect spheres for your drinks. In waiting to see if the taste would become deluded . They did not , and it was wonderful  and I loved the product packaging . Most complaints I see about the plastic and flavor of the plastic coming into the ice and I do not . See any problems , with the taste at all  I just tasted ice , when it comes down to it I would recommend this product it can be bought on amazon.


  1. Those ice are huge comparing to what the small ice-cube trays would make.....


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