Show me How You Zumba!

One of the many things that I love to do is Zumba , I first started out when I was in college . I had always thought it was kinda silly , but going into college I wanted to have something to do and something that would help me get in shape and lose weight. So freshman year , I enrolled in the class. Oh boy it was hard at first , I do have to tell you if want to start zumba and you haven't exercised in a while . Then you want to wear comfortable clothing and carry a medium to large bottle of water. It takes a lot out of you, but when it comes down to it . Feeling awesome and sweaty you know that 
You have had a good workout , There a plenty of classes depending on the age of the person. There are even kids classes! And Classes for the Old! Zumba was made or created when the creator was hosting a exercise dance class and he forgot his music , and the only thing he had in his car was Latin Music. That is when Zumba was born , Zumba is mostly Latin based dances but the music used can be a wide range of things. From Pop to country , it all depends on the class and what is going on at the moment. A typical class can began with a Warm-up , Song After Song , After Song. These Classes , normally run 30 mins , to an hour depending on the class and what ages the people that are in class are. These Classes are fun and often have people who are teens , older generation , and even men have been spotted! Either way this is a fun and exciting way to work out!


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