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Roberta's World
I have been nominated for my first Liebster Award , By Robert's World. She writes a wonderful blog with giveaway's and such and reviews. The Liebster Award is to recognize great new bloggers with under 200 followers. I am grateful to be apart of it , :) I get to share more adventures with you wonderful folks! In case you did not know here is what you have to do if you are nominated for the Liebster Award. 
  • you write 11 facts about yourself  
  • Link back the person who nominated you 
  • Come Up with 10 questions to ask your nominees 
  • let the person who tagged you know when you answer the questions 
Have Fun with it :)

Lets Get Started , 
11 Facts about myself 
  1. I grew up In New Mexico 
  2. I am a shy , quiet centered person but once you get to know me you cannot get me to shut up. :)
  3. my favorite comedian is Gabriel I, aka fluffy
  4. I grew up in a single parent household , my mother is the strongest person in world. 
  5. I am a Proud Big Sister to 4 half brothers , two ive met and lived with  two ive never met . 
  6. I am a online student , I am going for a degree in criminal justice , with a minor in sociology I want to be a social worker 
  7. I am a huge movie buff 
  8. I love books I have a huge collection on my kindle , and paperback as well 
  9.  I can act tomboyish sometimes, but I am a true girly girl 
  10. I use to act and one time got an extra role in the movie believe in me.
  11. I love to blog!   
Ok now for the Questions Asked of Me :)
  • What made you start blogging and what have you learned along the way?    Well I first started with blogging as a way to combat stress with an online blog about me and my life. My Personal Blog , I first did not write in much and then I thought why not? I soon wrote post after post. What I learned along the way is basically learning to become a product reviewer :) And how to review many other things other than a product review, such as movies books and etc. 
  • What is your Biggest Accomplishment? I believe that would be graduating high school and going through college , I am a Jr. now and attending online school because I felt I would gain more freedom to travel and do other things as well. I am as some people say one of the few Hispanic girls who did not fall into the majority of becoming teen mom or a mom after school. So I am proud of getting my life in order before having kids.
  • What are the 3 most important things in your life? Family , My Life , And my faith
  • What is the best new product you have tried since starting your blog? I think that would be , the Litter genie for cat litter.. kinda funny I would pick that buts its an awesome product. 
  • What are your favorite beauty products? hahaha, you should see my side of the bed , I dont seem to have a favorite but I do love beauty products!  I love stuff from Bath and Body Works 
  • Who is the most inspiring person in your life? Can we have two? because when thinking about it I have two , my mot her first of all shes a strong person to put up with someone like me and my brothers being a single mom and all . The 2nd person would be "nana" my boyfriend's grandmother and a 2nd mother to him , she passed away about two years ago and its still fresh in my mind . I have nothing but respect for that woman and what she did in her life to provide for her family , and the kindness she showed me when I became apart of the family. I will always cherish the times we spent together and guilty because I felt I did not spend enough. I always try to visit her grave and talk with her and bring her items to make her space nice. I keep private photos of everything I put. 
  • What does your "me" time look like? hmmm... I think it depends on my mood of the day and if I have money and where I am at the present moment. It  can be going to see a movie with a friend , eating a nice lunch by myself somewhere , treating myself to an item. It can be anything :)
  • What do you think is the most important thing to teach your kids? To be grateful I believe.
  • What makes you special? My caring spirit? my helpfulness .. I really dont know.. 
  • What is your favorite guilty pleasure? hmmm depends, I love chocolate!     
Ok, Since I could not find the right amount of bloggers to nominate , I am going to nominate the ones I found and keep my questions for them short. 
Ok here is who I nominate
 Ok your questions are ,

How did you get started in blogging? What was your first product?
What does family mean to you?
What has been your favorite product to blog about?
What is your favorite movie?


  1. Congratulations on winning this award! I really enjoyed your answers and admire your writing style.


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