Halloween time!!!

I wanted to share the pictures from my house , these our pumpkins me and my boyfriend carved as we do have his brother and his girlfriend living with us . They carved some as well , can you tell? whos are whos? We also carved two smaller pumpkins in honor of the four pets we have in the house. To tell you the truth im not much a person for Halloween since I grew up in a household that did not celebrate Halloween all that much. We trick-o-treated but tradition wise we always went to the church and attended the parties they held. We did not get as many trick-o-treaters as we wanted since we live a few minutes out of the city. But we enjoyed each others company, we opened the house up and cooked out on the grill and waited , for anyone to show up . Either way I believe it was a good day and night for Halloween and the weather was perfect! 


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