Dracula Untold Movie Review!!!

"As his kingdom is being threatened by the Turks, young prince Vlad Tepes must become a monster feared by his own kingdom in order to obtain the power needed to protect his own family, and the families of his kingdom." (from imbd.com)
When I saw the previews , I was excited and a bit curious and then it just turned into excitement I have always been fascinated with Dracula and the Lore behind it . So one evening I took my movie buddy along and we caught the earliest showing. This was one awesome experience ,and definitely something to watch on DVD or Blue-ray. Most seem to complain another Dracula movie oh great. Seems like the same thing over and over , but this is a different story and paints Dracula in a more humane light. He is given a choice between heaven and hell. Turn into a monster or lose everything you hold dear. He chooses what he thinks is best for his kingdom and his people. The things that are close to him are his wife and his son and when the truks come calling for his son to fight a war a boy cannot fight. Along with many other boys , when this happens he is looking for another choice to defeat his enemies. The story goes on , and on and flows nicely. And towards the end there is good surprise , I love the fact that this story ties everything all together all the myths and the legends that come with the story of Dracula. This Movie is slated for a DVD , Blue-ray release in janurary 2015.  


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