DLVoxbox , Review and Thoughts

I am finally reviewing my Voxbox before the deadline is up! I am dreadfully sorry that I have not reviewed sooner than later. School seems to keep me busy , and on my toes! (I received these products from influencer free in exchange for my reviews)Anyways, I received this September along with all these awesome goodies. This is my 3rd Voxbox I believe , among the many boxes that I receive vertical voxboxes as well. This one was called, DLVoxbox and came with goodies that many college students might enjoy. I received everything but the Cough Drops that were I guess suppose to be in my box but I did not get. Almost every box that I have received , I have received Playtex sport, tampons and I can say it gets tiring every single time I receive them. But I digress it is a wonderful product. There is the covergirl instaglam ready set gorgeous , which is a wonderful product with great results. I have never truly cared for liquid foundation , but this product does not ruin my skin. I cannot even feel it . I used it with Halloween makeup look and the Halloween makeup itched my skin but I did not have problems with this foundation. I have not yet to try the eyelashes , but I am excited to try them. Since ive never used false eyelashes before, but I am eager to try them. Another product that I received was Sinful Colors, No Text Red! . A tribute and something to remember when you are driving down the road to not text and drive. You can wait to text , it can save your life!
Another product that I recieved ,was the softlips cube chapstick which leaves my lips feeling soft and refreshed. The only problem I have with it , is the fact that the whole chapstick is open for use there is no "hidden" chapstick to save when using it. So if the chapstick melts or gets ruined it is totally ruined. No question about it, other than that the chapstick is the perfect size to put in your pocket and travel with. Another product that I revived was the Pliot Frixcon clicker. This when I first received the product I could not get the pin to click , I felt so blond , and frustrated that I could not get the pen to work . When my wonderful boyfriend finally showed me how the pen worked. I was so surprised and laughed at the same time. The Last product that I received was  airhead's bites , these tasty little candies tasted like skittles but were airheads. They came in a bag like m's and m's usually do. Which was fitting and as well fitting to boot as these are a great candy to take to class when you are in a rush and have nothing to snack on. 

All these products are awesome when it comes to a college student, preparing and working for class. I would definitely recommend every single product for a college student on the go and working hard in college. To have and use , I would never recommend a product I wouldn't think my readers could use or work properly . In their everyday life. 



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