Ragu Sauce Taste Testing And Thoughts!

(I received these products on behalf of crowdtap in return for my opinion and my thoughts enjoy :D )

I was picked on behalf of crowdtap to sample and receive these pick of sauces , I chose a Alfredo Sauce  , and Some Spaghetti Sauce .  I made the Alfredo Sauce last night and what can I say it doesn't disappoint !  Out of All the Sauces that there is I always get good taste and good flavor with Ragu! I am going to share my simple recipe that I made last night for a guest we had at our house and the usual people who are with us every night . I mixed Ragu Creamy Alfredo Sauce with two kinds of pasta and I mixed in Fried cut up pieces of chicken , and sausage , I let the pasta get not too tender while the meat cooked separately . Then I mixed together added pepper , and garlic salt to add more taste and flavor.

 I used the whole can , but depending on your 
preference you can add a little or a lot. It all depends , Either way everyone loved it and wanted more and requested it for sometime later. I would definitely make this again and other tasty dishes with Ragu. 



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