Blogger Tour !

Blogger Tour!!!

What im I working on?
I work on mainly reviewing products that I receive in the mail, toothpaste to make-up . It all varies , I mostly go through product testing companies that the public can and has access to. I'm working up to getting companies on my own to be sponsored. I also throw in a movie review or two , depending if I watch any if I do it is mostly movies that have just been released in theaters. I am planning on working to do book reviews also and beauty how to's.

How does my work differ from others of its genre?
I'm not sure , honestly ...

Why Do I write what I do?
Writing calms me mostly and gives me something to do , but as well . I enjoy it something awesome to write about gets me going. And I love to keep people informed. I also publish stories on another site.

How does my writing process work?
I usually get a product , review it, think about mostly what I want to tell about the product or the movie or the book and usually . Its all free writing I dont have a process honestly.

Bloggers , Ive seen.
Reviewer who reviews everything from bath products to toilet paper! Give this blog a like! and a Follow!
A blog that my mother and others would enjoy , cooking gardening and the works. Give this blog some love and a follow!


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