Litter Genie is the Cats Meow!

(everything in the pictures was given to me on behalf of crowdtap for Free!)
Snickers not many people know is my cat for the most part , but is somewhat of a daddy's girl to say better. Either way she is a american short haired calico , with attitude to boot ! Shes our love and are only child . Now let me get to the basics , so everyone should know somewhat what is a Diaper Genie , For kids, its a place or device where you put a dirty baby diaper and it seals and keeps the Oder from coming out of the pail until it needs to be dumped. And that is usually after a week depending on the child. So this litter genie is the same idea but with cat litter. To be honest with you Snickers is my first indoor cat in my lifetime , ive always had outdoor potty cats that used the outdoors as their potty. And it was fine , but she is actually a indoor cat . Which is Cool , So what are the likes and the dislikes of this product? Well the first dislike I had from the very start was the fact when I tried to attach the scoop. To my side for the choosing but after that it would not shut right. I kept trying to shut it so once I had used the product I was able to have the device shut right and not spill when I picked it up. Because anyone can know that is messy and horrible to clean up right. We were told to decorate the Litter Genie and personalize it  I used permanent Bic markers to write and decorate her genie. I wrote her name and decorated it like the outdoors since it was her own personal thing and one thing we know is that Outdoors is snickers favorite place to be!   
heres a pic of some of the detail I put into the marker and such.

More Close Picture , has a cute kitty like herself  has flowers all around the sides and such and grass!

Heres the pair together. Litter Box and Litter genie a perfect match made in heaven. <3

"The Litter Genie Cat Litter Disposal System is an ultimate hassle-free solution for controlling litter odors. No more daily trips to the trash. Helps lock litter and odor away in 3 simple steps 1) Scoop 2) Open Lid 3) Pull Handle.  Waste can be sealed away for up to 14 days.  Assembled and compact, Litter Genie fits your busy life and small spaces.   Its compact design and carry handle make Litter Genie great for small spaces and homes with multiple litter box locations.  A great way to keep your home fresh and you, and your cat, happy." (from Price $14.99

Overall I give this product 6 paws , out of ten for convenience and price and the hope that it does better... for the smell of the house and the hassle of keeping the litter box clean!


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