Go Voxbox , Unpacking , Review and Thoughts!

(Received All These Products for Free  on Behalf of influencer.)
My 3rd Voxbox!!! Ahh! I am so excited! this feels like my motivator to start eating healthy and kick start weight loss . And try to get to my goal weight , which I can fully say is about 150 lbs or 170 to try . . I am tried of being tried and feeling overweight. And it sucks , I want to wear smaller clothing and feel better about myself . No less carry on , This was another cool box full of things to kick start trying to be better for myself all these products help in someway shape or form! Lets now discuss a run down of the products included. 
Profoot Triad Orthotic  retails for $10.49~ These insoles are proven to relieve knee , leg and back pain. Apart from this they feel like a dream! I put them in my tennis shoes! They are awesome!!

Profoot Pedi Rock $8.99~
This is a awesome pedi rock to get rid of hard to get of stuff on the feet and is awesome in the fact that you can use it again and again wet or dry! I love using this on my feet after a long hard day!

Playtex Sport Fresh Balance ~ $3.99 - $4.99 
These are awesome for the girls on the go who dont let their period bring them down!!! take some in the purse!

Blue Diamond Fruit Flavored Almonds ~ $3.19 for a 4oz bag
These I wasn't certain for sure because I haven't heard of anything like this . I took them on a trip with me to texas and they were a awesome snack chilling by the lake ! 

Muller Greek corner yogurt ~$1.29(received free coupon )
Yummy and Smooth Texture and with the strawberry mix in was awesome and made it even better! Smooth creamy while satisfying the taste buds!

Aqua Spa Relax Collection~ $9.99
I received Bath salts to soak my tired feet in once the day was done, not only do they smell great they made my feet feel ten times better!

Apart From this I also received a Shake Bottle and several shake flavors to try out and taste while working out! I do have to say an awesome box! Influencer has outdone themself! This will definitely Get me on the road to treating my body more right and getting a head start of exercising.


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