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Litter Genie is the Cats Meow!

(everything in the pictures was given to me on behalf of crowdtap for Free!) Snickers not many people know is my cat for the most part , but is somewhat of a daddy's girl to say better. Either way she is a american short haired calico , with attitude to boot ! Shes our love and are only child . Now let me get to the basics , so everyone should know somewhat what is a Diaper Genie , For kids, its a place or device where you put a dirty baby diaper and it seals and keeps the Oder from coming out of the pail until it needs to be dumped. And that is usually after a week depending on the child. So this litter genie is the same idea but with cat litter. To be honest with you Snickers is my first indoor cat in my lifetime , ive always had outdoor potty cats that used the outdoors as their potty. And it was fine , but she is actually a indoor cat . Which is Cool , So what are the likes and the dislikes of this product? Well the first dislike I had from the very start was the fact when I …

The Amazing Spiderman 2 movie Review

" Peter Parker runs the gauntlet as the mysterious company Oscorp sends up a slew of super villains against him, impacting his life." (
I took my brothers out for a movie , to chill after finals and we found out that we liked it . I myself a very avid Toby Fan wanted to give this new spiderman a try and see if I liked him just as much as Toby. Well the results were interesting as Toby did not have as many one liners this spiderman did. He seemed to fire them off one by one , which pumped up the kid factor on the side on the more family friendly side. My brothers loved it , they laughed during several scenes and even a small amount of adult humor as well . I wasn't a fan of the death scene though, but ill leave that to you to know who dies . The Chemistry between the "new Parker" was so awesome to see that they were so into each other like a normal couple , because in fact they are a real life couple. Watching a few press events for this movie made me in…

A million Ways to Die Movie Review and Thoughts.

So During our recent vacation , we decided to take in a movie during the last night staying in Dallas .I decided not to bore my hubby with a chick flick so I decided to make it a couples night and we watched this movie. hmm what Can I say about this movie? Its pretty funny to say the most apart from the good  20 mins I fell asleep during but none the less. I woke up aka fought trying to sleep so I could finish the movie . Heres what IMDb,  says "As a cowardly farmer begins to fall for the mysterious new woman in town, he must put his new-found courage to the test when her husband, a notorious gun-slinger, announces his arrival.". This movie did have its quirks and its funny laugh out loud parts but for the most part , my hubby a huge Seth McFarland fan. Thought that this movie could use so much improvement on most of the story and the movie. None the less I dont want to give too much away apart from the fact when they say this movie is for older adults they mean it. No chil…

Go Voxbox , Unpacking , Review and Thoughts!

(Received All These Products for Free  on Behalf of influencer.) My 3rd Voxbox!!! Ahh! I am so excited! this feels like my motivator to start eating healthy and kick start weight loss . And try to get to my goal weight , which I can fully say is about 150 lbs or 170 to try . . I am tried of being tried and feeling overweight. And it sucks , I want to wear smaller clothing and feel better about myself . No less carry on , This was another cool box full of things to kick start trying to be better for myself all these products help in someway shape or form! Lets now discuss a run down of the products included.  Profoot Triad Orthotic  retails for $10.49~ These insoles are proven to relieve knee , leg and back pain. Apart from this they feel like a dream! I put them in my tennis shoes! They are awesome!!
Profoot Pedi Rock $8.99~ This is a awesome pedi rock to get rid of hard to get of stuff on the feet and is awesome in the fact that you can use it again and again wet or dry! I love using t…