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Playtex Sport. review and thoughts.

(received this product on behalf of influencer) Product information:  Playtex Sport Fresh Balance , $3.99 -$ 4.99 I received this product on behalf of influencer, in the univoxbox , and the Go Voxbox.  even though I dont use these. I feel like the use of these is dangerous somewhat. But people use them that is their choice, I prefer to use pads , but lets skip the rest of the TMI info . These seem great good package and decent price... There isnt much I can say.

Acroball Pens Review and Thoughts

( received this product on behalf of influencer) What can I say these pens are awesome! they write so smooth and the color is great!
Being a college student having a pen is the best thing in the world when you are trying to get work done! What else can I say these things are great!
Product information:
Pilot Acroball Purewhite:
$4.59 per 3 pack $6.24 per 4 pack , $7.49 per five pack .

Impress Nails Mani Review and thoughts

(received this product on behalf of influencer) I was delighted to try this product out on behalf of influencer , I love painting my nails and having my nails done and lately with all the crazy things and family and finals going on I could skip several steps . And Get my nails done with half the time that I usually spend I thought the packaging was clever as well! I actually thought that the bottle had glue in it! once I opened the package I was presently surprised to see that all the bottle was a cleaver way to hide the other nails. These lasted up to a week and looked great! Definite 8 in my book since I would like for it to last longer than it usually does.  Product Information: Broadway Nails impress Press on Manicure $5.99 for colors , $7.99 for patterns  I found these at my local Walmart.  

NYC Lip color review and thoughts.

(received on behalf of influencer) 
I gave myself the challenge to Finally try lipstick when I received this Lip Stick on behalf of Influencer. I am not the lipstick wearer , but honestly I was changed woman . Not only did the lipstick make my lips more pink and more girly the color stayed on ! And last while I drank socialized at my brothers social event.  Really this lipstick truly changed my view on what I thought lipstick was all about This product a definite ten! Product Information: Expert Last Lip color in Forever Fuchsia $1.99   Getting Ready for my school / work day! first time wearing lipstick!

Rimmel Stay Matte Review Thoughts and Look

(received on behalf of influencer) This product I believe has changed my ways of thinking about a Matte products. It is light fluffy and blends well with my skin . My only downside to this product is that it does tend to mess with my skin in a certain area. Because it is one of my trouble spots it tends to dry out a lot and flake other than that this product is a definite at least a nine for me .  ( A tip , if you have dry skin like me using some lotion like olay using with the Matte formula it doesnt dry out your skin!)  Product Information :  Rimmel London Stay Matte Liquid Mousse Foundation $4.99-$5.59  Comes in 8 Shades     I made the switch ! did you?