UniVoxbox un-Boxing Review and Thoughts!

so its that time again! 
I received the Uni Voxbox for the spring this is as well my 2nd voxbox  this stuff keeps coming in and its awesome . I am currently still living with my mother at the moment , but I still received this from my hubby since my mail goes to my real house while I'm still temporarily living with my mother. And it was full of cool stuff a college student can use! There is Broadway Nails im-Press Press on Manicure nails . Expert Last Lip Color , Pilot Acroball  pure white. Rimmel London Stay Matte Liquid Mouse Foundation . As well Playtex Sport Fresh Balance and Red Rose Tea Real Tea water enhancer . 
Does this cost anything you ask?: Nope you receive these products on behalf of the company for your time and effort to promote and review all these cool products! 
Broadway Nails im-Press Press on Manicure nails: $5.99 for colors and $7.99 for patterns 
These Im sorta unsure about I would say lol I've never used fake nails my real ones have always taken a beating and been painted these will be fun to try (full review and try will be posted later).
Expert Last Lip Color in Forever  Fuchsia :  $1.99 
This is a awesome color very bright , and will be a challenge for me to try since I rarely wear lipstick but I think I will try it this time . I may change to being a lipstick wearing person! 
Pilot Acroball  pure white: retails for $4.59per 3 pack , $6.24 per 4 pack $7.49 per 5 pack
writes in black and awesome , works better than most pens pretty cool. 
Rimmel London Stay Matte Liquid Mouse Foundation :  $4.99-$5.49
Not much of a person for mouse foundation I usually use straight mineral powder , but this will be definitely interesting to try! (full review and test product will be posted later)
Playtex Sport Fresh Balance:$3.99 to $4.99 
These im unsure if I am going to use ... great brand though! 
Red Rose Tea Real Tea water enhancer:  $4.49
These will be interesting since I never really drink tea but my mother does! and So does my hubby so im thinking I may get on the tea train to so speak and try this along with my mother! (review posted later!) 

Overall I give this box a 10! awesome products to try and see if anything is going to be a regular thing for me to use! I love Influenster! I highly recommend these products! 


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