Stork Babies , so cute and travel size!

"As a child in the 1970’s, the creator of Stork Babies™, played with little bean dolls in Cyprus and Greece. She was fascinated with how cute and adorable they were. They came in a multitude of colors and had such beautiful faces. The little boxes that housed them, acted as their little beds. She remembers the big rack they came on and it seemed like there were hundreds to choose from. She would twirl the rack and wait to find the perfect baby to take home. The little bean dolls have always stayed in her mind as a wonderful child memory.
Elizabeth went on to have 3 beautiful babies of her own. Real ones... But she always wondered if she could find those cute bean dolls again?... She searched on line for something similar but came up with nothing comparable. So, in 2012 she set out to try making her own collection of bean dolls. But this time she had some help… her 3 little girls (ages 6, 10 and 11). Elizabeth first thought to use the beautiful pantone colors for fall 2012, however these were “nixed” by her darling daughters. It was then, her 3 little darling daughters (River, Starla and Elysium) who chose the BRIGHT and VIBRANT colors from then on.  All three daughters are now her VP’s of Design and are consulted every step of the way with names, sayings and colors!"(from
I received these on behalf of the Fiammetta Toy Company a company started by Elizabeth Cross and her 3 daughters. They create stork babies, and silver star friends, The Stork babies , or baby is what I received I was pleasantly surprised At what I received I was only thinking of receiving the doll which I did not mind at all  , But I also received this cute little sleeping bag to store my baby in As well! Which inside has a small patch to keep the baby safely inside. None the less I received this with a tiny saying inside. “The climb up the big hill may seem hard, but push on you can make it!”  These are so cute and easier to play with when you travel. 
Heres what is looks like when it is unboxed. and soon to be out of the box . 
Here is the small pamphlet and the doll finally out of the box. 
These are so cute , and so fun to collect , the key chain was awesome keeping the doll inside the key chain and not dropping the doll anywhere. It was nice So definitely this is a awesome product. 
I want to thank the Company personally for letting me have the chance at reviewing the doll. Please if you have the chance look them up.


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