U by Kotex , Review and Thoughts

 I received two of these sample packs with a information sheet free on behalf of crowdtap 

So another day another dollar you could say or another freebie!!! I received these to try and also to share with a friend I decided to share with my future sister in law. I love U by Kotex  and their products and what they stand for which is woman empowerment and love. Getting girls to have higher self esteem and love themselves , and also to love their body and their monthly cycle more. I am going to be honest , I only have mine once every 3 months , Sounds fun isn't it? great money saver? LOL. not as much  I have severe aniemina  and I have to get my monthly cycle regulated in order to keep my iron levels up and to keep my energy and body going. So lets see what is in this sample pack shall we?
Here is what it looks like up close , pretty cool case that im definitely using ! something that actually looks cool and easy to take in the purse, inside is 2 U by Kotex Tampons , two liners and a bracelet pretty cool isn't it? something that wont tear that is tough and can stand being tossed around in a purse. I love anything that can stand my busy life. Overall , I love this company and their values and how their products stand up to the test. Its nothing but the best and it takes the toll of a busy working college girl So definitely this is awesome!!! Here is the website for their wonderful products and their view on things , check it out! 


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