Mucinex Cold for kids! review and thoughts

I received this bottle on behalf of smiley.360 for free  for my thoughts about this product.
I have two brothers and you know how kids can get during the winter months and the spring sometimes they can catch almost anything when its winter. They forget their coats , forget to wash their hands and the list is endless. Then when they get sick its such a headache just to give them medication without them hating it and spitting it out. As a child and still a adult I can only take pills my younger brothers dont mind meds most of the time. But it can be a issue , I found this medication satisfying and smelled great , as for my younger siblings drinking it when they had a cold ... well kids can be kids. The closest thing I have is my hubby but he takes medication like a trooper most of the time . None the less , I highly recommend this product for when your little ones have a cold! It works wonders when my mother used it for my siblings , as always please remember .  
Tips to keep , the cold and flu bug away 
Please Keep a coat on your small ones! 
Wash hands before and after you go to the bathroom and other things. 
Stay away from anyone that is sick ! 
And Keep warm!!
Thanks guys!


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