Elsa the Ice Queen Inspired Nails.. how-to.

So lately , I've been obsessed with the movie Frozen so I decided to do a nail how-to of my version of Elsa nails. I am not youtube friendly lol you could say so I did these nails with pictures and im going to explain what I did in each shot. Ready? Lets go! 
I used white nail polish , and applied several coats of the white to make it show up better, light baby blue can also work . I used wet and wild white polish , you can find these at any drug store. 
once I applied the white coat , I added a clear glitter light blue coat to the tips of my nails  made it really show up I applied these in a deeper color to make the glitter really shine. If you used a light baby blue color you may want to use a darker glitter to show up. I used a wet and wild nail polish as well to achieve this once I was done with that. 

I used a permanent marker , to make tiny dots on the bottom of the glitter nail polish , to made it stand out more. And once everything dries , I recommend adding a clear coat to make it last longer. Use wet and wild that is the best kind and it lasts long.



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