Airborne Chewables, yummy and healthy for you!

I received these on behalf of smiley 360 in the form of a free sample , Also Airborne does not cure the common cold. 

I received these tablets on behalf of the smiley 360 program , I remember drinking the fizzy tablets when I was younger and I was living under ,my mothers house. None the less since its start in the early 1900's it has had its share in the news. I give this product a full %100 grade, mainly because I believe it works so well on keeping someone as busy as me healthy! I received my package with introductions and instructions. And a Bottle of  Airborne Berry Tablets, to take naturally I shared these with my fiance and myself.  These things are wonderful, and  they work to keep the cold bug away but they do not cure it .
Just remember the tips to keep your cold away stay away
wash hands when you sneeze and cough , and stay away from those who are sick . And keep warm!!!
God Bless!


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