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Apart From All the cool stuff I'm beginning to review , Im adding books to my long list of reviewing!!!! Look to this blog for my first!

Endless Love Movie Review and Thoughts.

"The story of a privileged girl and a charismatic boy whose instant desire sparks a love affair made only more reckless by parents trying to keep them apart." (from It was another beautiful day in my part of the world when I went and spent some girl time alone, Now if you follow my blog . You know im currently in a serious committed relationship I have been for awhile 2 years so mushy romantic movies dont get me excited very much anymore because I know life isn't perfect neither is a relationship.So at the choice I made between two fantasy romance / action movies and one like this. I chose the one that was more real to life , It started soon after I sat down with my frozen coke slushie and texting a few friends. And I was basically sobbing in the beginning already . I felt like I could relate to everything that jade was feeling , with her feelings towards David and having a parent who just wants the best for their child even if it isn't their wishes. None t…

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Airborne Chewables, yummy and healthy for you!

I received these on behalf of smiley 360 in the form of a free sample , Also Airborne does not cure the common cold. 

I received these tablets on behalf of the smiley 360 program , I remember drinking the fizzy tablets when I was younger and I was living under ,my mothers house. None the less since its start in the early 1900's it has had its share in the news. I give this product a full %100 grade, mainly because I believe it works so well on keeping someone as busy as me healthy! I received my package with introductions and instructions. And a Bottle of  Airborne Berry Tablets, to take naturally I shared these with my fiance and myself.  These things are wonderful, and  they work to keep the cold bug away but they do not cure it .
Just remember the tips to keep your cold away stay away
wash hands when you sneeze and cough , and stay away from those who are sick . And keep warm!!!
God Bless!

Cottonelle Freshcare , And Cottonelle Clean Challenge

#letstalkbums! and talk about your clean routine!  (all products , and coupons were provided by buzz agent and free) I received this kit , from the company 
Lets Talk Bums! is the new talk for cottonelle and their products And what can I say Bums is the new thing I received the kit on behalf of BzzAgent . I received a package of cottonelle wet wipes and coupons and a holder for the disposable wet wipes. So I could buy more products and what girl on a budget doesn't like coupons? I love them none the less that isn't the point that im trying to make . Cottonelle is bring attention the way we go! and our bums to make sure that we pamper our bums and make sure they are well taken care of. And this product definitely takes the cake and helps out a lot when your are trying to treat your bum right!. None the less this is wonderful product and a company that cares about their customers and wanting them to be happy and loved. What can I say without giving too much away! Go out and buy ri…

Mucinex Cold for kids! review and thoughts

I received this bottle on behalf of smiley.360 for free  for my thoughts about this product. I have two brothers and you know how kids can get during the winter months and the spring sometimes they can catch almost anything when its winter. They forget their coats , forget to wash their hands and the list is endless. Then when they get sick its such a headache just to give them medication without them hating it and spitting it out. As a child and still a adult I can only take pills my younger brothers dont mind meds most of the time. But it can be a issue , I found this medication satisfying and smelled great , as for my younger siblings drinking it when they had a cold ... well kids can be kids. The closest thing I have is my hubby but he takes medication like a trooper most of the time . None the less , I highly recommend this product for when your little ones have a cold! It works wonders when my mother used it for my siblings , as always please remember .   Tips to keep , the cold…

I Frankenstein, review and thoughts

In an admittedly unique premise, Aaron Eckhart stars as Frankenstein’s monster, 200 years on from his creation, walking the streets of a dystopian city. He finds himself caught in the middle of a battle between the gargoyles, heavenly creatures protecting the world from an army of demons, who themselves are eyeing The Creature (christened ‘Adam’ by the leader of the gargoyles) as a means of putting the spirits of demons into dead bodies. Unwilling to pick a side, Adam suddenly is compelled to arms when he meets a beautiful human scientist (Yvonne Strahovski).

I watched this movie with my friend , to waste some time on a Saturday night when I first saw this movie I was excited I showed this even to my other half hoping to spark his interest and love for action movies. It didn't catch his attention sadly , so I was waiting for the DVD release so I was excited when she asked me to accomp…

Elsa the Ice Queen Inspired Nails.. how-to.

So lately , I've been obsessed with the movie Frozen so I decided to do a nail how-to of my version of Elsa nails. I am not youtube friendly lol you could say so I did these nails with pictures and im going to explain what I did in each shot. Ready? Lets go!  I used white nail polish , and applied several coats of the white to make it show up better, light baby blue can also work . I used wet and wild white polish , you can find these at any drug store.  once I applied the white coat , I added a clear glitter light blue coat to the tips of my nails  made it really show up I applied these in a deeper color to make the glitter really shine. If you used a light baby blue color you may want to use a darker glitter to show up. I used a wet and wild nail polish as well to achieve this once I was done with that. 
I used a permanent marker , to make tiny dots on the bottom of the glitter nail polish , to made it stand out more. And once everything dries , I recommend adding a clear coat …

U by Kotex , Review and Thoughts

 I received two of these sample packs with a information sheet free on behalf of crowdtap 

So another day another dollar you could say or another freebie!!! I received these to try and also to share with a friend I decided to share with my future sister in law. I love U by Kotex  and their products and what they stand for which is woman empowerment and love. Getting girls to have higher self esteem and love themselves , and also to love their body and their monthly cycle more. I am going to be honest , I only have mine once every 3 months , Sounds fun isn't it? great money saver? LOL. not as much  I have severe aniemina  and I have to get my monthly cycle regulated in order to keep my iron levels up and to keep my energy and body going. So lets see what is in this sample pack shall we?
Here is what it looks like up close , pretty cool case that im definitely using ! something that actually looks cool and easy to take in the purse, inside is 2 U by Kotex Tampons , two liners and a …