Hershey's Spreads!!! SO yummY!

I just received Hershey's Chocolate spread, today in the mail on behalf of crowdtap for free .

What can I say about the product , in our household its already wanted even before I opened the jar. My hubby found out that we had received it and tried to take it for his own. Silly guy , none the less I tried this product before I started on our evening dinner with bread. Things have been tight so that has been the only thing that there is to use I wanted to post a recipe and some other idea but at the moment , my funds are limited. None the less this product is wonderful! the creamy texture and taste was like melted chocolate. I wish I had more things to spread or to eat with this wonderful product. I believe the only downside , was that I wished it was easier to spread on what there was. none the less , It was a wonderful product!

Thank you Crowdtap!!! 


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