Bic- Mark it Markers!!

This is one of the many samples and freebies I get , and im able to have if I give my opinion and my experience. These are Bic Mark-it markers, I was given the challenge to use these to decorate a coffee cup and share my experience with them and share the word . Anyways , I had the package delivered to my dorm instead of my house that I share with my kitty and my hubby. I traced the flower and the quote is actually a verse from the song A thousand years by Christina perri one of my favorite songs and quotes. None the less , I enjoyed decorating the mug and using the markers which come in almost every color of the rainbow. They dont have a very strong smell which always good , because the original sharpie is has a very strong smell . So For me this product I give a 9 out of ten stars. I also wanted to give a shout-out to smiley360 who gave me this mission and products to try and sample.   


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