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Varsity Voxbox Review And UnBoxing .

#varsityvoxbox ! this is what I got in the mail today, Upon getting the box and unboxing everything this is what I got , my welcome postcard.  Basically describing what my job was now and to enjoy my freebies and my goodies that I received in the box . So what did I get in the box you ask???
Coupons for and Suggestions for The Nail Kiss Dress kit that I received in the mail, other side has the coupon.
These Are Called Kiss Nail Dress and they are Press on nail designs that you use on your nail when you peel and stick them to your nails . To decorate them :) Or you can cut them to fit any design in any nail design that you wish . These are able to be bought anywhere , Walmart , Walgreen's, Target .
 Next Is a Sample For Clearasil Face Wash in the New flavor grapefruit , I haven't tried it yet but im going to im excited :> .
Air Heads Xtreme Bites :) these are yummy , and I shared them with the hubby so there are no more. Both of us thought that these candies were very good.

Bic- Mark it Markers!!

This is one of the many samples and freebies I get , and im able to have if I give my opinion and my experience. These are Bic Mark-it markers, I was given the challenge to use these to decorate a coffee cup and share my experience with them and share the word . Anyways , I had the package delivered to my dorm instead of my house that I share with my kitty and my hubby. I traced the flower and the quote is actually a verse from the song A thousand years by Christina perri one of my favorite songs and quotes. None the less , I enjoyed decorating the mug and using the markers which come in almost every color of the rainbow. They dont have a very strong smell which always good , because the original sharpie is has a very strong smell . So For me this product I give a 9 out of ten stars. I also wanted to give a shout-out to smiley360 who gave me this mission and products to try and sample.