Monsters University Movie Review

"A look at the relationship between Mike and Sulley during their days at Monsters University -- when they weren't necessarily the best of friends." Rated G.From

This is the story of best friends mike and sulley before monsters Inc., when they really weren't the best of friends. While mike studied hard trying to become the best scarcer he could be , sulley was known as a natural born scarcer. Mike grew up wanting to be a scarcer his whole life , while he wasn't scary he has the brain and the talent to become one so he thought.

Growing up in the 90's when Disney movies were actually wholesome and good im not saying that they arent now days but they are different than the ones the kids in the 90's grew up with. I went to a advance showing of this movie with my best friend . Both of us are college age students and in college , apart from the extra $2.50 for our 3-D glasses . This movie is well worth the money , we laughed and were able to feel the characters pain of studying and knowing how college is. (im a online college student , my best friend is on campus, I plan to re join her on campus sooner or later.) Anyways without giving too much away its cute it gives a look at their world and how college is for them . And it is soo relate able , because honestly it makes sense the 90's kids are now in college with their adulthood that it would make sense that there is a movie that we can relate to. I loved seeing how everybody  was before Monsters Inc. , why certain characters act the way they are. The character development, is wonderful the timeline is great. Anyways I dont like giving spoilers away . Either way , its kid-friendly  , loving , cute and full of heart. I would go out and see it if you cant definitely grab it on dvd.


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