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About Me!

I am the fun fearless leader of this blog , I am 21 and starting my life with my boyfriend. For safety reasons I will only share my first name of the both of us . My name is Bianca and im from a small town in NM , I am currently a spohmore in college. Studying for a degree in criminal justice and once I finish that I plan to study nursing if im still interested. I moved recently from my hometown to another small town to be with my boyfriend , if we will work out and marry .. only time will tell but for now im enjoying life with him and our kitty . Who also has her own FB and her own personality, shes our "daughter" for the time being, I love to write , sing in the shower, be random , have fun. Make new friends I am one of the most loyal and friendly people you will meet. I am big sister to two fun and fearless little brothers who are my life. <3 I have many friends but only one close friend who has been there for me since high school. Anyways heres more fun info on me :)…