30 Days to Understanding the Bible : Review

Again I was given , a wonderful book to read and review. So I do have to honestly admit , I dont know my bible to the greatest degree that I need to know it. I know more than half can admit that they dont know all the bible or even half of it. We make goals each year at the beginning of the year to learn and study our bible more. We say it over and over , but do we do it? well yes some of us actually make the effort to study the bible and we learn. While others such as myself lets be honest it falls flat . We pick up our bible and we try our best to learn. While we just get busy and allow ourselfs to drift and be happy with the information that we learn or are given on any Sunday morning.

This guide , is something everyone needs to review and learn from at least once. Pretty much a comprehensive review of the bible the history of the bible and the places mentioned . You learn terms within the scripture while it breaks it down for you to understand it more. One review section , breaks…

Ellie Claire 365 Devotional Journals , Reviews and Thoughts.

Again I am teaming up again with Ellie Claire to highlight their beautiful journals, This time These journals do not really teach you how to create your own art. But they bring you easy to read devotionals , to help you with that goal to draw closer to Christ. Not only is each cover beautiful and the closet you can get to hard cover. You are given a small passage and a small lesson that comes with it. If you dont have enough time to get to find your own bible passage you have the chance to do your daily quiet time . These beautiful journals give you a daily passage and message to use every single day. These are wonderful gifts to give that special woman in your life , or even those who just became believers in this past year! what a wonderful gift to encourage a new believer or someone in your life that wants to draw closer to the lord. I always love working with companies . Something that someone always brings attention to is , " Well they are from the same company arent they t…

Beloved , 365 Devotions For Young Women Review and Thoughts

I am not a perfect person , I cry sometimes I forget that there is a God out there. But one thing I haven't lost is my faith. Yes there has been times where I cant imagine who allows this pain to remain. But yet I still carry on, this beautiful devotional book is the most perfect gift for that best friend or daughter or even friend. 365 days in a year 365 days to get closer to God. Or even discover him , within our lives , each devotional is short , nothing to long and its worth looking at. You are given a passage from the bible and then given a small lesson.
At the bottom you are given a small space to write your own thoughts. I've scanned and read some of the lessons and everything is simple and easy to understand. Id still recommend this to any young lady for a gift this holiday season. New believer or someone who just needs that small thing to bring them to a closer walk with god throughout the year. Especially giving this so close to the Christmas season they can start i…

Robin Hood Movie Review

Again I am bringing you another wonderful review as always I will not post spoilers. Or any details that you cannot see in the movie trailer.
Robin Hood is another remake of the same timeless tale granted at the same time. There has been a number of remakes that some people enjoy.
Within this new tale ..
"A war-hardened Crusader and his Moorish commander mount an audacious revolt against the corrupt English crown in a thrilling action-adventure packed with gritty battlefield exploits, mind-blowing fight choreography, and a timeless romance." From IMdb. rated PG-13

I just had to see this ! and I did within the time that I had. And this movie did not disappoint. So many action scenes and the romance I loved so much. I read a tad bit on the movie before I went to watch it. Tarron , actually had to learn how to shoot a bow and arrow and honestly he shoots it well. This is one of those perfect date night movies , because I honestly believe that this is going to please everyone! So…

The Nutcracker and the Four Realms Movie Review and Thoughts

Here I am bringing you another review , lately honestly I haven't been able to watch as many movies as I would like.
Within this I am trying hard to pick certain movies to see and others to wait until DVD to view.
This is one of those that I choose , The Nutcracker and the Four Realms ..
"A young girl is transported into a magical world of gingerbread soldiers and an army of mice."RATED PG from

This beautiful retelling of the Nutcracker story is family friendly and something everyone in the family will enjoy. The beautiful worlds , made up within the story . Seem like a dream though the storyline is a bit flat. I believe that it still holds value. Although it seems like its a tad bit early for a Christmas movie, it does hold value. 
There is not many scary or horrible things to hide from younger children. To be honest the scary parts are storybook worthy and nothing less. Overall I dont want to give too much of the plot away I rather leave it up to you . Although …

Burn the Ships : For King And Country, Music Review

Ok , for the most part I can say Me and my brother are Super fans of For king and Country. We wanted so badly to attend this tour and the Christmas tour but .. well things ended up not happening. But still never fear! we will see them for a 3rd time sometime soon in the near future. I wanted to bring a review of their latest as I believe this although their 2nd album is the best at the moment though I do have my favorite songs from their other collections this one , I was drawn to within the season I am in.
There are 11 songs on the album.
Within each and every track you can feel a personal connection ,  Joy , God Only Knows , Pioneers , Amen , Hold Her . Round out my top favorites within the cd the other songs are wonderful but those songs in my top favorites I loved. With each season of our lives we are drawn to certain songs that can bring us through the toughest of times in our life. This is full of uplifting music and comfort , and I would suggest this for anyone .
(these though…

Ellie Claire Illustrated Art Journal Review

I was given the pleasure of reviewing , these beautiful journals just in time for Christmas. Within this there is so much , interest in illustrated faith within these past few years. First there was every sort of kind of bible with page after page of beautiful pages to color and make your own. These beautiful art journals are from Ellie Claire , gift and paper expressions.

   Illuminate your story ,
is the first journal that I am going to cover. These journals are so light weight and easy. If you always wanted to learn how to create masterpieces in your own bible without buying a whole other bible . This is one of my favorites of the trio that I was given to try and review.

Within the start of the journal it starts to show and give examples of lettering that you can do . Within this provides ideas and glimpses of learning more about using each letter within your bible. Within each few pages you have a chance to write your thoughts because it is a journal so why not? Within this you a…