Beauty and The Beast : Movie Review .

I was Just so giddy when they announced this movie , I often feel as if I could relate to belle in some sort of way. Feeling like the odd girl out in my town, I often can know how hard it is sometimes to truly fit in. With this comes a sense of wonder and longing to be outside and travels away from the small town that I call home . Or in belle's case wanting to know and see whats beyond and travel beyond her tiny village. So, yes I am 25 years old , but I truly felt like I was 5 years old again . The original Disney classic came out in 1991 , just about the year I was born. But as a child , I discovered it per usual , seeing it on VHS tape.  I loved the fact that belle loved to read books and she adored libraries . I did actually "meet" her when I went to the magic kingdom one Sumner and she was overjoyed to know that I loved books. Asked me where I got mine and everything let me as well say I felt like I was five again. Let us get back to the movie shall we?
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My Thoughts: In this season

I guess I wanted to share my thoughts with all my readers as to the facts , everyone is gearing up for Easter. I can honestly say in my churches , time it is one of those holiday's that everyone comes out , in their Easter best . They may not have been to church all year but Easter is something that you will not miss. To be honest I am not here to criticize anyone, just noting things and my thoughts.
I use this time before Easter to express , how in wonder I am with God in this season. He has shown me and taught me a few lessons that I will not forget.
How to love , how to forgive , you cannot get everything at once. Patience with myself , learning from others. Time and effort on things , the list goes on and on and I dont think I have enough time to discuss it all. We live in a time where being a christian means you believe in fairy tales and things nor items that do not exist. While this is something , I do pray that those who believe do not loose hope. We are in a revival seas…

DVD Spotlight : Hacksaw Ridge , and Max Steel

This week I am bringing you again a DVD spotlight , and reviews. As always , I did not receive any compensation for watching these movies.
Now lets get down to business. Let me note , I am going to keep these short , as to not spoil as much of the movie .
Max Steel- Rated PG-13 
This one was challenging for the start , it started off way slow. Boy discovers that he emits some power and then tries out to find out why. He discovers a , small robot like alien called steel . Steel tells him about his father , and how he was sent to help and protect him. Did I mention this is a toy? and a tv series? Somehow I am not sure if its still running or not. But I digress , this movie started out sloww. . . I was almost to the point I was going to take the dvd out and watch something else. But I can honestly say steel , the alien saved it for me. So I would recommend for 6th grade kids and up. Nothing too scary , but superheros are always cool arent they?

Hacksaw Ridge : -Rated R 
This is a slightly …

Easter For Older Kids and Teenagers Ideas

What do you do when , your child no longer a child but a teenager and isn't into all the Easter basket stuff? Or not into the usual candy and eggs stuff? Easter is sometimes hard because you dont know what to get them. You want to make sure that your kids are taken care of while enjoying the holiday. I  dont think you should overthink the perfect gift for Easter.  The next few ideas, I will share with you if you are looking for the perfect gift , or basket for your teens.
First I would honestly ditch the basket , with older kids this would be just junk to them . They do not need it , for girls I would go for a purse they may have been eyeing or a pretty bag. Boys I would use a cap brand new , a popcorn bucket to use . Something that can hold items but they can use. As for items , with girls there is so much you can give them.

gift cards , ex: visas , itunes , favorite itemsbeauty items,ex: brushes , hair ties , hair items , makeupclothing spring shoes , ex: flip -flops Candles lot…


Well as I flood you with movie reviews  , I am trying well soon to be trying to get more product reviews up, even if its out of my own pocket. And I have found some new favorites , at the same time I have also been going through some things , so please bear with me ! I have not forgot my blogging audience !
Bianca N

50 Shades Darker : Movie Review

I want to make this clear , completely clear , I am christian and I am not perfect. Sometimes you need an escape and then sometimes you just need to forget things. Yes, I know and have heard of all the talks , how horrible this movie is , the perversion that all Christians fall for.  Now to address the "domestic" violence, these are two consenting adults. While some survivors admit that yes this is a form of mental abuse. Which I can agree on with somewhat of a level. I do have to admit , I am a survivor and no my ex was no christian grey. But he upped the control and I allowed it. There is a form of control that I do have to admit I will allow but he went a bit too far. I digress this post is something that I wasn't going to get on my soapbox on . This is a movie review.. .. Lets get on with it.
While Christian wrestles with his inner demons, Anastasia must confront the anger and envy of the women who came before her. rated R I had to fight myself to watch …

Lego Batman Movie Review:

Well this Review is For all the Families out there , Wondering about the New Batman Flick . And wondering if it is up to par with the rest of the Lego movies. But do not fear! I am here to give you a complete review from a kid and a "guardian " spotlight.
What is Lego batman about?
Bruce Wayne must not only deal with the criminals of Gotham City, but also the responsibility of raising a boy he adopted.from rated PG
This comes from the creators of the Lego movie and I can truly say this movie is for the kids and the kids at heart. IT is chalk full of corny jokes some adult and some that are a bit over done. I cannot say that the adults will have a wonderful time , but I know that the kids do, and I can truly say it is something that you can take the whole family too without much worry if there is going to be something you dont want them to see. Which is fairly simple at the same time , be prepared for some cornyness and some laughter it should be a good time for all. …